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Angela Layman brought this crazy clan together and has never looked back.  Music was her first and longest love.  She grew up in a household filled with music, thanks to her Dad.  CrystalEyez is a new evolution of her music integrating rock into her classical, country, jazz and blues background.  Inspired by artists such as Haley Reinhart, Shaed, and Queen, she infuses a little retro soul into every song she belts out.  Her goal is to provide music therapy to those who need it, to take you on a melodic vacation away from daily trials, and get your booty’s dancing.  She must have been soul sisters with Lucy, because she is the girl with kaleidoscope eyes.   


Ben Rathke is strongly influenced by classic rock and grunge. Ben fumbled his way through metal experiments until he found his Crystaleyez sound, realizing that’s where his heart was. Ben likes to feel good; Ben likes to party. He makes music because of the feeling he experiences when that simply clever riff comes out, when he hears a crunchy cord drip out of his guitar, and sees a friend (even the one he hasn’t met yet) bobbing their head along. Ben’s sense of humor is a constant source of laughter when the group is together. 


Bill Wallbaum was a last minute addition to CrystalEyez.  After losing their bass player a week before their first gig, Bill slid into place as their bass savior. His Influences include Dick Dale, Bon Jovi, and Matchbox 20.  His background as a drummer, brings a unique rhythm to his sound.  His goal is to make you feel the soul of each song in every part of your body…. Yes every part, because Bill is the band member constantly cracking an inappropriate joke.  Insert: “That’s what she said.”  


Jenn Freeman is the musical brain of the band.  From charting to transposing, she helps our creations become a reality and keeps all the band members musically in check.  Jenn is classically trained in multiple instruments, with a special passion for jazz flute. Yep, she is a raging flautist.  Music is the language that combines her analytical side with emotional expression.  Jenn lives for the performance. Her musical influences range from Debussy and Chopin to BassNectar and Skrillex.  It’s not just a cliche… Jenn’s piano really does go up to 11!


Scott Layman’s love for music started while growing up in the garage with his dad. Classic rock was always playing in the Layman house. In high school Scott finally got the courage to join choir and never looked back. He not only found life long friends in the choir room, but a deep passion for harmonies leading him into acapella music. In college, Scott met Angela. Their love for each other blossomed around their mutual passion for music. They took turns exposing each other to wildly different genres and styles of music. Now they share a home in each other’s hearts, while sharing music with their community. Scott’s musical influences are Queens of the Stone Age, Avi Kaplan, and Maynard James Keenan.

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